Versatile Property Additions

Adding a self-contained housing unit on your property can have many advantages. Utilizing this structure can greatly enhance the enjoyment of your property as well as provide independent living just steps from your home. Explore the many available granny flats in Melbourne that are available in this growing market.

flats in Melbourne

flats in Melbourne

Practical and Creative Uses

If you are seeking a housing alternative for an aging parent or loved one, Superior Granny Flats offers many affordable solutions. You can provide a comfortable and independent style of living while offering attention and care if needed. When a child is heading out on their own for the first time, this type of dwelling can offer a superior independent living arrangement while still being able to benefit from the comfort and support of family nearby.

Many individuals are finding this type of dwelling to be a profitable investment. Renting out the dwelling can be an attractive financial strategy that will add to your income for years to come. Being close to your investment can also ensure that it is well maintained, used within the parameters of your wishes and easy to reach in case of maintenance or other issues.

If you entertain guests on a regular basis, what better way to offer them luxury accommodations right on your own property! Your guests will enjoy their stay with independent quarters that still allow you to enjoy your vacation time together. Your guests will surely appreciate the incredible attention to their comfort and enjoyment.

Design the perfect poolside retreat for your guests. By offering a private building for everyone’s use, you’ll add an exciting component to your entertaining abilities. Offer your swimming guests a comfortable place to change, grab a snack or take a quick shower before returning to the entertainment. Also doubling as a guest house, you’ll find many innovative ways to use your new dwelling.

Choose from Several Spacious and Affordable Layouts



From the smallest retreat sized building that offers a quiet getaway for work or rest to a spacious three bedroom dwelling, there are few limits on the interior design. Carve out a niche for your personal work area or office. Create a retreat for your crafting or art studio. Superior Granny Flats has the design capabilities to work with your specifications to create the perfect space. Construct a spacious multi-bedroom layout that offers versatility for many different accommodation needs.

There is a wide selection of add-ons that can enhance your choice in construction. Adding a heating and air-conditioning system greatly enhances the year-round comfort. You can also add a fully integrated system that provides safe access for those with disabilities. Include a ramp for easy access to the structure. Inside, you can incorporate designs that include step-in showers, safe vinyl flooring that is non-slip as well as wider doors for comfortable access. Consider including a deck as a final touch.

Your individual project is also unique when you consider the many different building materials that can be used. Create an individualized look that will enhance and even match your own property’s style. Popular materials such as stone and timber can be used to outfit your property’s design.

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