What Carpet will look Best in Your Home?

Does your home need new carpeting? Maybe you’re looking at the outdated carpet and would prefer something that complements your tastes in floor coverings. HGTV recommends going with certain carpets that will improve your home’s overall look. Let’s take a look at some of the carpets available and how they will work in your home.

Solid Cut Pile Carpet

The most popular carpet available is solid cut pile carpet. The loops are cut to give the carpet an even and plush look. It is good for most applications and useful for homes with pets.

Shag Carpet

If you step into a house that has shag carpeting, you may be thinking you stepped back in time to the 70s when shag was popular. Shag is a very long solid cut pile carpet that has a shaggy texture, hence the name. Its popularity has resurfaced in the early 2000s with more modern colors. It is good for bedrooms and play areas, but not good for kitchens and dining rooms. Like solid cut carpet, it is good for pets because there are no loops to snag claws or nails.

Cut and Loop Carpet

Cut and loop carpet is a great carpet that is softer than even solid cut carpet. It gives a textured look, thus providing more versatility. It isn’t good for homes with pets because the loops snag claws and nails.

Textured Carpet

Most textured carpet tends to be linear or striped. Depending on the way the pattern is aligned, it can emphasize the stripes or de-emphasize the stripes. Finding the best carpet installation in Austin will help you decide what you wish to emphasize in your rooms.

Sisal and Hemp Carpet

For a green and sustainable approach, go with sisal and hemp carpeting. This carpeting isn’t good for areas which are likely to get stains (shows easily and difficult to clean out) such as the kitchen or dining areas, and it isn’t a good choice for pet owners because it can snag nails and claws. Pet stains can also cause problems.

Geometric Carpet

Geometric carpeting can be sculpted, but is designed with either a large geometric pattern or a small one. Large geometric patterns work best in large areas such as great rooms. Small geometric patterns work best in smaller areas such as closets and hallways.

Mohair Carpet

If you want true luxury and warmth, go with natural mohair carpet. This carpet is great for colder climates and you’re likely to feel more warm in a home with this kind of carpet. There are, however, two draw backs to mohair. First is that you can be allergic to it, or at least have a negative skin reaction to it. So, you could pay to have carpeting put in your house that you find you have to rip out because someone is allergic to it. The second problem with mohair carpet is that it sheds. That means even if you don’t have a pet, it’ll look like you have pet hair on your clothes. All the inconvenience of a pet with none of the benefits.

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