What is Timber Decking and How Can it Enhance the Looks of My Home

  • Timber decking is a kind of building material that is used to build outdoor areas such as decks and patios.
  • This material can be manufactured using a wide range of hard and soft types of wood species, all depending on what the wished for appearance and properties of the finished structure are to look like.
  • Timber decking provides outdoor buildings with a superb natural and rustic look that just cannot be accomplished with any kind of metal or composite materials.
  • Householders who wish to build a timber deck will increase their available living area, create an ideal outdoor spot for meals and gatherings and also enhance the selling price of the property should they think of moving in the future.

Soft and Hard Woods

The Soft

  • Many homeowners select softwood timber decking made from pine or fir for its lower costs and natural beauty from a reputable decking supplier in Basildon.
  • These types of softwood are very easy to work with, and you will often have highlights of knots and other flaws, which are things that a lot of people find attractive.
  • Softwood timber decks can be treated with sealants to help preserve their lifespan, and can also be stained to change their colour.

The Hard

  • Hardwood species are another option for timber decking.
  • These types of wood offer a natural resistance to all types of mould and moisture and provides the deck with its strength and sturdiness.
  • Hardwood offers natural colour and doesn’t really need things like staining unless it is wished for.

Do it Alone or Employing a Professional 

A lot of ground-level decks and patios can be constructed with easy installation by those out there who are good at DIY. But if timber decking is going to be used to build elevated decks, the structure should be looked after by experienced professional people to maximise safety and reduce any risk of collapse. Professional installation will add a little to the cost of the wood decks, but it might be legally required by local council building codes depending on the complexity of the structure.

Timber decking segments can be put together by use of a number of fasteners, which can include screws, nails, and bolts. A number of steel plates and/or special fasteners might be needed for heavy-duty applications, or on decks that will experience heavy loads. If timber decks are going to be elevated, you will need timber guard rails to reduce falls.


Relying upon the sort of timber decking being used, installers might wish to add protective seals or stains to conserve the deck’s appearance. Clear sealers assist in preventing any moisture damage, while coloured stains can alter the appearance of the wood and at the same time add protection.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your home before and after making your home more beautiful with timber decking and then see the difference in looks!

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