What You Need To Know Before Choosing The Right Surgical Table Pads?

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Correct positioning of the patient is very important during the examination, surgical operation, or even when taking an x-ray. While there are now a lot of accessories available to help offer better comfort to the patients and ensure correct positioning, operating room table pads are one of the most popular. Available in many different sizes and designs, they are now a must-have operating room and x-ray room accessory.

If you are planning to buy table pads soon, it is very important for you to know a few important things to select the best pads as per your requirement. Some things you should consider are-

1. The foam used in the pads

Many different types of foams are now used for creating surgical table pads. If the pad will be used in a medical facility, it is better to avoid cheap products made from low-quality foam.

Only prefer environment-friendly foam pads which meet or exceed the OEM specifications of surgery table frame manufacturers. Good quality pads are long-lasting and offer enhanced convenience to the patients as well as the doctors.

2. Pad size

To cater to the various needs of medical facilities, manufacturers now provide table pads in many different sizes. Select one as per the size of the surgical table and general needs of your customers.

The size plays an integral role in how well the table pad can function. Pads that are too big or too small would generally fail to deliver the expected results. Most medical product suppliers now offer these pads in many different sizes, and some of them also offer custom sizes.

3. The shape of the pad

You also need to consider the shape of the pad before buying. The pads are offered in many different shapes, like angled bolster pads, full and half roll, donut, circle, rectangle, and more. Depending on the construction of the surgical table and the medical procedure to be performed, you can pick the correct shape of the pad. If you have a rather particular shape requirement, manufacturers and suppliers that offer custom products can be the right option for you.

4. Cover material

While a lot of medical facilities prefer uncovered pads, many others prefer buying them with a high-quality table pad covers. Just like the foam of these pads, even their cover is made from a variety of materials.

Some popular options are vinyl and 4-way stretch fabric. No matter which material you select for the cover, make sure that it exceeds the flammability standards and is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-static, and tear and stain resistant.

5. Bottom of the pad

Once the pad is positioned, it is very important for the pad to retain that position throughout the surgery or x-ray. As a result, many of the high-quality pads feature anti-slip or low-slip material like vinyl at the bottom. Moreover, to securely attach the pad to the table, they also feature some form of adhesive layer like Velcro. Prefer such pads with anti-slip bottom and Velcro for enhanced safety and comfort.

6. Warranty

Some of the brands also offer a warranty on their surgical and x-ray table pad. The warranty is an excellent sign which suggests that the brand is confident about the performance of its products.

Rather than buying the pads from an unknown brand, prefer such reputed brands to buy value-for-money products. Surgical table pads are small but very important accessories for any medical facility. Understand the points mentioned above before buying to make sure that you make a smart buying decision.

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