When Repairing A Door Is Preferable To Replacing It

You might be experiencing some issues with your door. The back door may be coming off its hinges and the front door might have a broken panel.

You do not need to automatically replace the door if it has become damaged because you might find that this is unnecessary.

Instead, the damage on the door can be repaired by a technician who has years of experience.

The Panels Can Be Replaced

The panels on the door can sometimes come loose if a heavy object has knocked into them or the door has been slammed one too many times.

Solution: This is not going to be irreversible, however, because a repair technician will simply fit some new panels.

The door is going to look like it is brand new.

The Glass Can Be Replaced

The glass in a door can sometimes develop cracks and splits through no fault of your own. Birds and other animals might knock against the glass thinking that it is a clear space.

Solution: The weakened or broken glass will be removed from the door by a technician.

The new glass is going to shine and have a large amount of strength. The glass door repairs in Perth will stop cold air getting into your home and it will also ensure that the possessions inside your home are kept completely secure.

The Hinges Can Be Repaired

The hinges on a door can start to become loose over time if the door is not being closed properly. The older the hinges are, the more susceptible they are to rust. This should not worry you because the hinges can be repaired.

Solution: The technician will do one of two things: they can grease the hinges so that they are working properly. Or, they might choose to replace the hinges with some brand new ones.

Your door will be able to open and close easily once these new hinges have been fastened onto the door.

The Handle Can Be Fastened Back On

The handle of the door may have come loose.

Solution: It can be fastened on securely to make sure that the door is going to be easy for you to open after it has been unlocked. This is also going to make your door much more secure and will ensure that people are completely safe when they are opening the door.

The Draught-Protector Can Be Refitted

The draught-protector is a strip that is fitted to the bottom of the door. This is designed to stop cold air from escaping into your home.

Solution: A new draft protector can be fitted and it will be completely secure.


You may not want to replace an entire door, so repairs are going to be preferable. You can have any area of a door fixed by a specialist technician.

They will explain the process fully to you before any work is carried out, and they will make sure to inspect what they have done fully before they leave the house.

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