Where Can A Pergola Be Placed

A pergola is a wooden or metal structure that can be placed at several points in your garden. The roof of the pergola is going to be latticed. In order to provide you with some protection against the wind, sunlight and rain, the lattice roof is going to be covered with vines that are going to make sure that you are protected from the elements.

The vines on top of the pergolas in Brisbane will also provide you with some privacy. People who are on the upper floors of their house are not going to be able to see you sitting in the garden or walking there at all.

You need to decide where the pergola is going to be placed. You have several choices. Where can the pergola be placed for maximum effect?

The Pergola Can Be Placed Over The Top Of A Walkway

The pergola can be placed over the top of a walkway. This is going to protect you from the sun and the rain. The pergola needs to be sturdy. This is also going to be attractive because the wooden frame can be carved into different shapes. Once you have walked over the covered walkway, you are going to be able to sit in a covered patio area.

It is important that you are covered so that you can protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. You will not want to get wet, so this walkway is going to come in very handy.

Flowers are going to grow the vines on top of the walkway. This is going to make your garden look more appealing, and the pergola will start to blend in with the surroundings.

The Pergola Can Be Placed Over The Patio Area

The pergola does not just have to be limited to the walkway. You can also have this covering over the patio. You can put some tables and chairs there so that you can take the weight off your feet and enjoy some food or drink. The pergola will cover the table and the chairs so that you are not going to get whilst you are eating if it rains.

Vines can be put over the top of the patio area. This is going to make sure that nobody is going to be able to see you whilst you are eating your meals. The vines will also start to grow flowers. As a result, your patio area is going to look like a natural part of the garden.

The Impact

People are going to compliment you on this addition to your garden, so they are going to have a positive impact. Your friends and your neighbours might be inspired to have a pergola of their own installed. This pergola is going to remain standing for many years to come.


The pergola can be installed above the patio and it can also be installed over the walkway.

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