Why Are Ridge Vents Important?

If you’re like most of us, roofing qualifies as one of the most cut & dry aspects of home-building and homeowning.

It’s something we hardly, at least instinctively, put a great deal of thought into when we’re in the moment. Roofing, after all, can be fairly standard depending on where you live. Most neighborhoods adhere to the same building codes. If they were bad building codes, odds are, you would find out about it relatively easily.

The fact is, the cut-and-dry option will often leave you in the hole – especially when you live somewhere with unpredictable weather. After all, your roofing does take a beating day-after-day and storm-after-storm.

Ridge Vents are options many of us ignore at first, but can actually save homeowners a ton of effort and money in the long run.

The reason is because they address a frequently-overlooked part of the home, your attic. Without any form of ventilation, your attic will build up anything from heat to moisture. Anything the builds up in your attic can weaken your roof.

Like with anything, heat breaks apart organic matter (the wood that makes up your roof) by splitting apart the fibers and making everything more flexible. Flexibility isn’t really a good quality for the thing that holds your house together and keeps rain from falling into your living room, agreed?

Ridge vents will naturally guide hot air out from the top of your house and allow it to escape without building up and wreaking havoc on the inside of your roof. Another major benefit is that you wouldn’t have to pay for active ventilation, because the air would just naturally float up and escape.

The biggest symptoms of hot air becoming trapped in the attic tends to be premature aging and cracking, both of which cause thousands of dollars to fix. In fact, roof replacements for houses as small as 1000 sq. ft. can exceed a jaw-dropping $4,500. Talk about breaking the bank.

The same thing can happen with moisture. When moisture gets trapped in the attic, it loosens the very boards that hold all those precious shingles. During the summer, it can also cause your attic to form a lovely environment for moss and lichen to form. In the winter, if your attic has a window, hot air and moisture create a warm environment for critters like mice and rats to appear as well.

But, most destructively of all, the moisture that builds up in your attic can condense on cold winter nights, and freeze into your roof. Because water expands when it freezes, this is the quickest way to sever roof boards apart at the seams and destroy them. Ice dams and other such consequences cost homeowners thousands in roof repairs, and could force you to have to repair your roof altogether. Now, you’re talking tens of thousands, and your insurance company may not even help you out depending on your coverage.

Roof ridges prevent all of this.

They are sleek, efficient and effective. They’re a hidden gem for roofing decisions, and one that should absolutely be taken advantage of. A good filtration of air in your attic will preserve your roof’s integrity for years to come, and roof ridges are the best way to achieve that outcome.

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