Why Green Projects Are in Demand in Bangalore

Shriram Sameeksha

The Garden City of India, Bangalore is witnessing a new change in the real estate scenario. Over the years, the mammoth real estate developments in Bangalore have left the city more like a concrete jungle. Hence, green buildings are swiftly catching up the Bangaloreans’ imagination.

In Bangalore, many green real estate projects like Shriram Sameeksha, Assetz Marq, Sobha Dream Acres, Sobha Lake Garden and Godrej Eternity are on the rise. You could see many hoardings in the city inviting you to live in the lap of nature with 80% open spaces. Thus, if you wanted to buy flats in Bangalore, even you can go for these green projects and live in a holistic environment.

In the context of the discussion, let this post help you know some reasons behind the emergence of the green projects in Bangalore. Read on!

Here’s why green projects in Bangalore is a smash hit

1). Shrinking outdoor spaces

It is a bitter truth that green outdoors have shrunken in Bangalore. As a result, a large number of home buyers prefer buying homes with ample space and greenery. Hence, as you read this, more people are buying green homes.

2). Increase in awareness

Nowadays, home buyers are aware of the fact that buying flats in Bangalore that are built in harmony with nature offer healthier living spaces. Yes, compared to traditional settings of buildings, it is better to live in green projects. As a result, you could see a surge in demand for green flats in Bangalore.

3). The cost differences

When pitted against conventional flats in Bangalore, the cost of the green projects may be higher by up to 15%. However, the benefits involved with such flats justify the price. The result of living in such spaces will be seen for all in some years. You will enjoy being a more relaxed, happy and peaceful from within. Yes, being surrounded by greenery keeps off anxiety and depression. It also helps one to stay calm and rejuvenated.

4). What are the features of the green flats in Bangalore?

Any building built while considering the use of water, energy and environmental quality can be referred to as a green flat. Some of the commonest features of green flat include:

  • Harvesting of the rainwater

  • Drip irrigation methods for the effective use of water

  • Parking spaces with electrical charging points

  • Organic composition system

  • Sewage treatment plan

5). What rating should you see while booking green flats?

If you are going to buy green flats in Bangalore, then you should see if the builder has received the required rating or not.

In India, the Indian Green Building Council has ratings accepted in India and abroad. It is for the creation and maintenance of green buildings. Thus, the first thing to confirm is whether the project’s norms match with green norms as stated by the authority.

You now have an idea why people are going gaga over buying green flats in Bangalore over traditional flats. If you are ready to book one soon, you can shop around to compare all deals and then go for the best-priced option.

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