Why solar panels are important


Photovoltaic and solar thermal panels come with the proven ability to generate free electricity either by converting sunlight into electricity or even transferring sun’s heat to necessary ventilation systems.

Experts vouch for solar panels as the energy generated offers a series of benefits, which encompass curtailing the costs associated with electricity generation. They also offer pollution-free power souces apart from ensuring that the consumers are independent.

Solar power lowers air pollution from coal-based power plants

While many claim that coal power plants are capable of filtering the emissions, there is a certain amount of toxic that penetrate the air filtering systems and atmosphere.

Mercury is one of the key pollutants that enter the air from the coal power plant emissions and negatively influence the local ecological systems. Reports suggest that it considerably harms all living things such as human inhabitants, wildlife and plants. Since solar power is free from all type of emissions, it is advised and safer for communities to opt for solar panels instead of coal-based power plants. This is one of the primary reason why the global solar marketplace is fast progressing and expected to assume greater relevance in the coming years as well.



Resource conservation

Since solar panels are able to convert light from the sun into heat and electricity, they do not need any other fuel source. Coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power systems are primarily dependent on non-renewable resources for the purpose of power generation.

Preserving the mining affected habitats

It has been observed that uranium and coal mining is taking a toll on the health of the local environment and habitats. Moreover, large-scale disruption, waste products and heavy equipment are making the land surrounding unusable after the mine is no longer in use. Coal mining has proven to be dangerous for the workers who operate the mines. The consistent use of solar panels lowers the dangers caused to miners and environment.

Curtailing nuclear power need

There are many who treat nuclear energy as a clean or green energy source as it does not cause air pollution. But, it generates harmful nuclear waste that can cause a catastrophic effect.

Lowering the electricity costs

Since sunlight is available at no additional expense, e present power sources to curtail/manage the overall energy cost.

In the recent times, a range of compact and efficiency-focused solar power packs has assumed gained relevance. Industry insiders are of the opinion that they are not just low maintenance but also a pollution-free alternative to the diesel generators. The use of solar driven UPS/inverter is on the rise.

Bolstering energy independence

Many countries around the globe are consistently on the lookout to obtain oil and other fuel sources. When communities and nations choose to go for solar energy systems, their dependence on foreign fuel sources is lowered considerably.

Currently, studies are underway to decide how solar power can be leveraged to a larger extent, comprising varied methods of integrating it with larger grid and improved storage efficiency so that it can be used later when the need arises.

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