Why would you choose short term rentals over expensive hotel accommodation?

While you are on a long and elaborate trip, accommodations, according to your needs and desire becomes the foremost necessity for your travelling.  The first and the obvious choice that pops in your mind is the ‘hotel’. It is undoubtedly the most easily available as well as reachable solution to your travelling solutions.  But there are other points that should be taken into account, like the hotels are usually more expensive. The accommodation and the furnishing do not provide you the comfort of your own or rental house in chennai. So, in such cases, one can turn to the other option, like the short term rentals.

House for Rent

House for Rent

What is “short term rentals”

The term short term rental or STR applies to a residential property which is rented out to a traveler or a visitor, for less than a time period of 30 days but it can also extend up to an year, depending upon the  requirement of the tenant. The property is rented out against a reasonable rental charge and certain rules and regulations are required to be followed. The tenant must abide by the rules and pay his rent in time while he can enjoy the comfort of a homely stay.

Who can avail the short term rentals

There can be several reasons to go for a short term rental apartment.  Besides pure vacation purposes, visitors can also avail these  accommodations  while they are in situation of re modeling their homes,  for some short business tour and even for groups who are  attending outstation performances and even out-station patients  who travel across cities  and visit due to medical  purposes. The short term rentals can be attained both for personal and business purposes.

Advantages of short term rentals

  • The first and foremost advantage of a short term rental is the expense. It undoubtedly costs much lesser than the expensive hotels, saving on your travelling expenses. These are extremely cost-effective, as they do not charge anything extra for the laundry and food services.
  • In short term rentals, you can relax without feeling uncomfortable, as you will be provided with your own kitchen and bath with comfortable furnishing more like your home. It will be like your ‘home away from home’.
  • When one thinks of “home away from home”, the first thing that strikes the mind is the comfort and the privacy of the place one has to stay.  A hotel has a very limited space to move around. The space in a hotel is limited to one room with the bed and the bathroom. Where else in a STR, one can avail the entire apartment with much more free flowing space and also has access to the keys, so that one can check in and out of the apartment according to his own convenience without going through hassles of a reception.
  • The STR or the short term rentals are usually located in the popular market places for the visitor’s convenience. The transport is more convenient and the daily stuffs can be easily afforded from the nearby shops and markets.
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