Your Floor Should Be Made of Cork

There are many great flooring materials. One of the most common and most sought-after flooring materials is hardwood. It is a great material that looks great, lasts for a long time when properly maintained, and makes for a very warm living space. However, it also has some disadvantages. This type of flooring ultimately leads to deforestation. More environmentally-friendly options are available, but they still involve killing trees. Furthermore, it can be fairly expensive. Lastly, hardwood can be very loud. When used in areas with large open spaces and high ceilings such as churches and libraries, many flooring options lead to very loud footfalls and echoes. If you need quiet in your space and don’t want every step or every voice echoing around the room, you need to choose another option. Cork is your best option for many different spaces, especially large ones.

Cork Flooring

A cork floor is made from trees, but it does not actually lead to the death of the tree. A tree develops bark as a way of protecting the trunk from moisture and pests. The bark of many different kinds of trees is absorbent and resilient, and makes a great flooring option as well. Cork flooring in Perth is made by stripping the bark from the tree. Depending on the trees that are harvested, the bark can only be harvested every so often. In many cases, it is harvested about every nine years, which gives the tree ample time to replenish its bark.

Sound Qualities

One of the biggest benefits of cork floors is the sound quality. When you walk on a floor, especially in hard-soled shoes, it can create an echo. Tall ceilings exacerbate those problems in places such as churches and libraries. Cork, however, is a very soft material that tends to absorb impacts and sounds. It provides a slight amount of give when you walk on it. That means it will absorb sounds and footfalls, which reduces the amount of noise that echoes through the room. Overall, it’s a great solution for rooms that need quiet. It is also more pleasant to walk on.

Insulating Qualities

Cork absorbs more than just sounds and impacts. It is also a very porous material that is made to insulate tree trunks, and can also insulate your floor. Since it will trap heat that would normally pass through your floor, it can keep your space warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Such a feature will cut down on your heating and cooling costs by a significant degree. It can even end up paying for itself in savings.

A cork floor is a great option for anyone who needs a floor that absorbs sound and insulates heat. Finally, it is a sustainable option because the tree is allowed to replenish its bark before it is harvested again.

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