Your Kid’s Bedroom Can Also Be a Super-Cool Gallery

Who’s kid wouldn’t want a room that takes their breath away, or makes the queen of the fairies want to come visit, or whatever they’re on about now? With a little time, inspiration and cheap accessories, you can turn the world around inside those four walls, anytime your kid wants to. There is an ever increasing population of the extremely creative, constant updating the internet and home modeling magazines with fresh ideas. With any luck, you can add to that.

Firstly, step back and look at your kid. Psychology needn’t be dredged up off the basement here, but every kid goes through stages of development, and consequently expectations of the environment. If your kid is in grade-school, you’re in luck. Much of the attention to detailed fantasy (if ever any) will have dissipated, to be replaced by responsibilities like homework. Young grade-schoolers will find much comfort in coziness, and so you can add accessories with that in focus. Simple murals and wall accessories will complement the basic room structure while providing plenty of ‘living space’.

Very young kids however aren’t done with having their favorite spaces within the room. The sky is limit when creating cute décor to go with the room. Homemade crafts can be used widely on walls. Mascot merchandise are favourites to add to rooms. Designing a play area is one thing that will delight your kid, and playful wall additions are all you need to mark it out. Play are décor should be removable so you can take them down as your kid gets older.

Lighting and colours create a lot of depth and atmosphere, and should used generously on the walls of the bedroom. Solid patches, or different shades of a colour can work just as effectively as vivid colours. Consider walls art-boards for the duration of your designing. Kids like to hang their handiwork anywhere they can see it too, so let them.

Using removable accessories will let you create seasonal décor, which can mean constant adventure for your kid. Wallpapers and even ceilings contribute greatly to thematic ideas, to which you can add posters, use seasonal bedspreads, rugs and curtains. In fact, any great kids room gets there by clever theme choices. Colour can be one aspect of the theme (or decide it altogether) and your kid’s favorite character (cartoon, vehicle, animal etc) another. Expect this to lead to strange combinations at the drawing board, but remember nothing looks original like a theme of say, pink Bengal tigers!

Depending on your kid’s desires, cooperation and your budget, you can craft a room that will leave years of memories within it. Working too hard on making the room aesthetically sensible is one mistake you can make. Just make sure your kid is in an environment that is both exciting and relaxing, and doesn’t go completely against your kid’s personality. Sideling practicality is easy to do with furnishings, but with décor and accessories, you are only limited by creativity.

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